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Molecular mapping of leaf rust resistance genes in the wheat line Yu 356-9

HAN, Liu-sha, LI, Zai-feng, WANG, Jia-zhen, SHI, Ling-zhi, ZHU, Lin, LI, Xing, LIU, Da-qun, Shah, Syed J A
Journal of integrative agriculture 2015 v.14 no.7 pp. 1223-1228
chromosome mapping, chromosomes, genes, genetic background, genetic distance, greenhouses, inheritance (genetics), isogenic lines, leaf rust, microsatellite repeats, pathotypes, wheat
The Chinese wheat line Yu 356-9 exhibits a high level of resistance to leaf rust. In order to decipher the genetic base of resistance in Yu 356-9, gene postulation, inheritance analyses, and chromosome linkage mapping were carried out. Gene postulation completed using 15 leaf rust pathotypes and 36 isogenic lines indicated that Yu 356-9 was resistant to all pathotypes tested. F1 and F2 plants from the cross Yu 356-9 (resistant)/Zhengzhou 5389 (susceptible) were tested with leaf rust pathotype “FHNQ” in the greenhouse. Results indicated a 3:1 segregation ratio, indicative of the presence of a single dominant leaf rust resistance gene in Yu 356-9 which was temporarily designated as LrYu. Bulk segregant analysis and molecular marker assays were used to map LrYu. Five simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers on chromosome 2BS were found closely linked to LrYu. Among these markers, Xwmc770 is the most closely linked, with a genetic distance of 5.7 cM.