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Dewaka Banana as an Alternative Energy Source

Suryaningsih, Ni Luh Sri, Pasaribu, Yenni Pintauli
Procedia Food Science 2015 v.3 pp. 211-215
acid hydrolysis, bananas, bioethanol, ethanol, fermentation, flour, food science, gas chromatography, hydrochloric acid, taste, temperature, yeasts
Dewaka's banana grows well and abundant bananas production in Merauke area, but with a little bit sour taste when they’re ripe made this bananas often the second choice compared to another kind of bananas. The research has been conducted to determine concentration of bioethanol produced from dewaka's banana flour. Banana flour was obtained from crused the slices of dried bananas. Then concentration of ethanol can then be identified through a series of tests in the laboratory. The results of gas chromatographic analysis show that dewaka banana can be used as an alternative energy source with bioethanol content of 83.43%. The concentration was result of 5 (five) days fermentation with yeast. The hydrolysis which is used was acid hydrolysis, using hydrochloric acid. The optimum concentration of hydrolysis was 1.5N HCl, the optimum temperature was 900C, whereas the optimum hydrolysis time was 70minutes.