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From complexity to food security decision-support: Novel methods of assessment and their role in enhancing the timeliness and relevance of food and nutrition security information

Nancy Mock, Nathan Morrow, Adam Papendieck
Global food security 2013 v.2 no.1 pp. 41-49
communications technology, data collection, decision making, food security, household surveys, issues and policy, nutrition
Food and Nutrition Security Information (FNSI) is a critical tool for achieving food and nutrition security, yet FNSI efforts to date have not produced the intended impacts on policy and program decision making, largely due to shortcomings in available technologies and frameworks. The article reviews the evolution of FNSI efforts in the context of emerging technology and data collection techniques. A conceptual framework is provided to describe the evolution towards an FNSI characterized by integrating conventional and novel approaches to the collection, analysis and communication of information into a value stream that supports decision-making to achieve food security. Conclusions include the need to streamline and expand coverage of conventional information tools such as household surveys while facilitating the rapid uptake of analytical tools that leverage the novel, numerous, and rich data streams enabled by emergent information and communication technologies and dramatic increases in connectivity.