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Improved production of natural food preservative ε-poly-l-lysine using a novel producer Bacillus cereus

Chheda, Anuj H., Vernekar, Madhavi R.
Food bioscience 2014 v.7 pp. 56-63
Bacillus cereus, ammonium sulfate, culture media, food preservatives, glucose, lysine, magnesium sulfate, soil, yeast extract, zinc sulfate
An indigenously isolated Bacillus cereus isolated from soil was found to be capable of producing ε-poly-l-lysine (ε-PL), a homo-poly-amino acid of l-lysine which is used as a safe food preservative. The production of the ε-PL was optimized by identifying the most significant components of the medium which affect its production under shake-flask conditions. One factor at a time method was studied for investigation of media components while orthogonal array method was used to determine the optimum composition of various components. The ε-PL yield increased significantly from 36.29mg/l in basal medium to 83.49mg/l in the optimized medium containing 5% glucose, 1% yeast extract, 1.5% ammonium sulphate, 0.05% magnesium sulphate and 0.004% zinc sulphate. Thus more than two-fold increase in ε-PL production was achieved using a novel producer, which by further modifications can be exploited as a potential commercial strain.