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Nondestructive estimation of fatty acid composition in seeds of Brassica napus L. by near-infrared spectroscopy

Sato, Tetsuo, Uezono, Ichiro, Morishita, Toshikazu, Tetsuka, Takahisa
journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 1998 v.75 no.12 pp. 1877-1881
Brassica napus, erucic acid, fatty acid composition, linoleic acid, near-infrared spectroscopy, rapeseed, seeds, syrups
The feasibility of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy for the nondestructive determination of fatty acid composition in rapeseed was examined. NIR spectra were measured on extracted oil, intact rapeseed kernels, and an intact signle rapeseed with an InfraAlyzer 500 in a syrup cup or a single-grain cup. NIR spectra were scanned from 1100 to 2500 nm at 2-nm intervals. As the percentage of linoleic acid increased, the spectral values in the region 1696-1724 nm, where linoleic acid has its absorption band, became always stronger downward in second-derivative NIR spectra. As the percentage of erucic acid increased the spectral value at 1728 nm, where erucic acid has its absorption band, became always a little bit stronger downward in the second-derivative NIR spectra. On the basis of their NIR spectral patterns, linoleic acid and erucic acid could be successfully determined in both intact seed kernels and in a single seed of rape without damaging them.