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Controlling Muscle-joint System by Functional Electrical Stimulation Using Combination of PID and Fuzzy Controller

Koohestani, Afsaneh, Moghadam, Elham Ahmadi
APCBEE procedia 2013 v.7 pp. 156-162
animal injuries, electrical treatment, models, motor neurons, muscles, people, spinal cord
For the rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries, –Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)” is used, which is usually applied to the motor nerves. Since the biological system of each body has its particular stimulation mode, there is a need to design a control model that is aimed to the specific features of a biological system, such as muscle and jointsystems with time-varying behaviour. The control pattern should be able to identify the mechanical perturbation and measurement noise. In this method, controller input is the angle of the knee joint at any given time and the output of the controller is the muscle stimulation rate. In this paper, PID and Fuzzy controllers have been initially used separately and then as an integrated system consisting of them both. This method has been used to enable us to compare the results. It is proved that the integrated system is able to control the motion better and contend well with the perturbation and noise.