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Visual and fluorescent detection of acetamiprid based on the inner filter effect of gold nanoparticles on ratiometric fluorescence quantum dots

Yan, Xu, Li, Hongxia, Li, Yang, Su, Xingguang
Analytica chimica acta 2014 v.852 pp. 189-195
acetamiprid, analytical chemistry, color, detection limit, fluorescence, gold, nanogold, photoluminescence, quantum dots, silica
In this work, we develop a simple and rapid sensing method for the visual and fluorescent detection of acetamiprid (AC) based on the inner-filter effect (IFE) of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) on ratiometric fluorescent quantum dots (RF-QDs). The RF-QDs based dual-emission nanosensor was fabricated by assembling green emissive QDs (QDs539nm, λem=539nm) on the surface of red emissive QDs (QDs661nm, λem=661nm)-doped silica microspheres. The photoluminescence (PL) intensity of RF-QDs could be quenched by AuNPs based on IFE. Acetamiprid can adsorb on the surface of AuNPs due to its cyano group that has good affinity with gold, which could induce the aggregation of AuNPs accompanying color change from red to blue. Thus, the IFE of AuNPs on RF-QDs was weakened and the PL intensity of RF-QDs was recovered accordingly. Under the optimized conditions, the PL intensity of the RF-QDs/AuNPs system was proportional to the concentration of AC in the range of 0.025–5.0μgmL−1, with a detection limit of 16.8μgL−1. The established method had been used for AC detection in environmental and agricultural samples with satisfactory results.