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Day-to-day variability of toxic events induced by organic compounds bound to size segregated atmospheric aerosol

Topinka, Jan, Rossner, Pavel, Milcová, Alena, Schmuczerová, Jana, Pěnčíková, Kateřina, Rossnerová, Andrea, Ambrož, Antonín, Štolcpartová, Jitka, Bendl, Jan, Hovorka, Jan, Machala, Miroslav
Environmental pollution 2015 v.202 pp. 135-145
DNA, DNA damage, aerosols, genotoxicity, organic matter, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, temporal variation
This study quantified the temporal variability of concentration of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (c-PAHs), genotoxicity, oxidative DNA damage and dioxin-like activity of the extractable organic matter (EOM) of atmospheric aerosol particles of aerodynamic diameter (dae, μm) coarse (1 < dae < 10), upper- (0.5 < dae < 1) and lower-accumulation (0.17 < dae < 0.5) and ultrafine (<0.17) fractions. The upper accumulation fraction formed most of the aerosol mass for 22 of the 26 study days and contained ∼44% of total c-PAHs, while the ultrafine fraction contained only ∼11%. DNA adduct levels suggested a crucial contribution of c-PAHs bound to the upper accumulation fraction. The dioxin-like activity was also driven primarily by c-PAH concentrations. In contrast, oxidative DNA damage was not related to c-PAHs, as a negative correlation with c-PAHs was observed. These results suggest that genotoxicity and dioxin-like activity are the major toxic effects of organic compounds bound to size segregated aerosol, while oxidative DNA damage is not induced by EOM.