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Effect of humic acid (HA) on sulfonamide sorption by biochars

Lian, Fei, Sun, Binbin, Chen, Xi, Zhu, Lingyan, Liu, Zhongqi, Xing, Baoshan
Environmental pollution 2015 v.204 pp. 306-312
biochar, fractionation, humic acids, hydrogen bonding, hydrophobicity, sorption, sulfonamides
Effect of quantity and fractionation of loaded humic acid (HA) on biochar sorption for sulfonamides was investigated. The HA was applied in two different modes, i.e. pre-coating and co-introduction with sorbate. In pre-coating mode, the polar fractions of HA tended to interact with low-temperature biochars via H-bonding, while the hydrophobic fractions were likely to be adsorbed by high-temperature biochars through hydrophobic and π-π interactions, leading to different composition and structure of the HA adlayers. The influences of HA fractionation on biochar sorption for sulfonamides varied significantly, depending on the nature of interaction between HA fraction and sorbate. Meanwhile, co-introduction of HA with sulfonamides revealed that the effect of HA on sulfonamide sorption was also dependent on HA concentration. These findings suggest that the amount and fractionation of adsorbed HA are tailored by the surface properties of underlying biochars, which differently affect the sorption for organic contaminants.