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Emerging issue of e-waste in Pakistan: A review of status, research needs and data gaps

Iqbal, Mehreen, Breivik, Knut, Syed, Jabir Hussain, Malik, Riffat Naseem, Li, Jun, Zhang, Gan, Jones, Kevin C.
Environmental pollution 2015 v.207 pp. 308-318
electronic wastes, human health, imports, inventories, issues and policy, recycling, Pakistan
This review article focuses on the current situation of e-waste in Pakistan with the emphasis on defining the major e-waste recycling sites, current and future domestic generation of e-waste, hidden flows or import of e-waste and discusses various challenges for e-waste management. Needed policy interventions and possible measures to be taken at governmental level are discussed to avoid the increasing problem of e-waste in the country. Our findings highlight that there is still a general lack of reliable data, inventories and research studies addressing e-waste related issues in the context of environmental and human health in Pakistan. There is therefore a critical need to improve the current knowledge base, which should build upon the research experience from other countries which have experienced similar situations in the past. Further research into these issues in Pakistan is considered vital to help inform future policies/control strategies as already successfully implemented in other countries.