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An analytical model for estimating the reduction of methane emission through landfill cover soils by methane oxidation

Yao, Yijun, Su, Yao, Wu, Yun, Liu, Weiping, He, Ruo
Journal of hazardous materials 2015 v.283 pp. 871-879
biodegradation, environmental factors, greenhouse gas emissions, landfills, methane, methane production, models, oxidation, oxygen, prediction, soil air, soil depth
Landfill is an important source of atmospheric methane (CH4). In this study, the development and partial validation are presented for an analytical model for predicting the reduction of CH4 emission in landfill cover soils by CH4 oxidation. The model combines an analytic solution of a coupled oxygen (O2) and CH4 soil gas transport in landfill covers with a piecewise first-order aerobic biodegradation, including the influences of environmental factors such as cover soil thickness, CH4 oxidation and CH4 production rate. Comparison of soil gas concentration profiles with a soil column experiment is provided for a partial validation, and then this model is applied to predict the reduction of CH4 emission through landfill covers in several other cases. A discussion is provided to illustrate the roles of soil layer thickness, reaction rate constant for CH4 oxidation and CH4 production rate in determining CH4 emissions. The results suggest that the increase of cover soil thickness cannot always increase CH4 oxidation rates or removal efficiency, which becomes constant if the thickness of landfill cover soil is larger than a limit.