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Anaerobic co-digestion of kitchen waste and fruit/vegetable waste: Lab-scale and pilot-scale studies

Long Wang, Fei Shen, Hairong Yuan, Dexun Zou, Yanping Liu, Baoning Zhu, Xiujin Li
Waste management 2014 v.34 pp. 2627-2633
anaerobic digestion, engineering, kitchen waste, methane, vegetables, waste management
The anaerobic digestion performances of kitchen waste (KW) and fruit/vegetable waste (FVW) were investigated for establishing engineering digestion system. The study was conducted from lab-scale to pilot-scale, including batch, single-phase and two-phase experiments. The lab-scale experimental results showed that the ratio of FVW to KW at 5:8 presented higher methane productivity (0.725L CH4/g VS), and thereby was recommended. Two-phase digestion appeared to have higher treatment capacity and better buffer ability for high organic loading rate (OLR) (up to 5.0g(VS)L−1d−1), compared with the low OLR of 3.5g(VS)L−1d−1 for single-phase system. For two-phase digestion, the pilot-scale system showed similar performances to those of lab-scale one, except slightly lower maximum OLR of 4.5g(VS)L−1d−1 was allowed. The pilot-scale system proved to be profitable with a net profit of 10.173$/ton as higher OLR (⩾3.0g(VS)L−1d−1) was used.