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Impact of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application on Nitrous Oxide Emission in Oil Palm Plantation

Akhir, Nurul Izzati Mat, Kusin, Faradiella Mohd, Mohamat-Yusuff, Ferdaus, Awang, Muhamad, Ash’aari, Zulfa Hanan
Procedia Environmental Sciences 2015 v.30 pp. 315-319
Elaeis guineensis, carbon, fertilizer application, forests, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, nitrogen, nitrogen fertilizers, nitrous oxide, phosphorus, plantations, potassium, soil organic carbon, soil sampling
This study investigates the impact of N-fertilizer application on the emission of nitrous oxide (N2O) in oil palm plantations. The soil sampling was undertaken at three different oil palm plantations of different land use, i.e. transformed land use (large and small-scale) and a logged-over forest. The soil samples were analysed for N, P and K contents and soil organic carbon. It was found that despite different amount of N-fertilizer applied at the plantations (in the range of 99-155kg N/ha), immature palm development seems to release relatively higher amount of N2O compared to mature stage. However, further estimation of carbon equivalent emission (CO2-eq) would be a more useful means for estimating the impact of N-fertilizer on greenhouse gas emission.