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Spindle configuration and developmental competence of in vitro-matured bovine oocytes exposed to NaCl or sucrose prior to Cryotop vitrification

Arcarons, Núria, Morató, Roser, Spricigo, Jozé F. W., Ferraz, Marcia A. M. M., Mogas, Teresa
Reproduction, fertility, and development 2016 v.28 no.10 pp. 1560-1569
adverse effects, blastocyst, chromosomes, cows, embryogenesis, immunocytochemistry, microtubules, oocytes, sodium chloride, sucrose, vitrification
In the present study we examined whether exposure to high concentrations of NaCl or sucrose before vitrification improves the cryotolerance of in vitro-matured bovine oocytes. In Experiment 1, oocytes were exposed to different concentrations of NaCl (375–1517 mOsm) or sucrose (375–812 mOsm) for 1h. On the basis of the results of this experiment, in Experiment 2 oocytes were exposed to 0.25% NaCl (375 mOsmol) or 2.77% sucrose (375 mOsmol) solution, vitrified and warmed. Microtubule and chromosome configurations were examined by immunocytochemistry. In Experiment 3, in vitro embryo development was assessed after vitrification of oocytes with or without 2.77% sucrose (375 mOsmol) pretreatment. There was a similar percentage of oocytes showing normal spindle configurations in the sucrose-pretreated and control groups. Higher rates of abnormal spindles were found in groups treated with NaCl or sucrose solutions with >375 mOsmol. After vitrification and warming, a significantly higher percentage of oocytes with normal chromosome configurations was recorded for oocytes exposed to 375 mOsmol sucrose solution before vitrification compared with the control vitrified oocytes. However, these percentages were significantly lower than those recorded in untreated controls. Cleavage and blastocyst rates were higher in non-vitrified than vitrified oocytes. In conclusion, pretreatment with 375 mOsmol NaCl or sucrose solution had no adverse effects on the spindle status of vitrified–warmed cow oocytes. However, sucrose pretreatment offered no benefits for embryo development.