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Das Twinning-Programm der Europäischen Union: Praktische Erfahrungen in der Umsetzung von veterinärmedizinischen Verwaltungspartnerschaften

Eberhard Haunhorst, J. Goldstein
Journal für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit 2008 v.3 no.2 pp. 137-140
European Union, animal products, animals, consumer protection, food law, foods, Germany
The Twinning-Programme of the European Union: Experiences in the implementation of Twinning- projects in veterinary and food affairs.Since 01.01.1993 a common market was built up within the EU with cancelling of border controls of foods, animal products and living animals. An equal level of consumer protection should be established in all member states.In practice however, implementation of EU food and feed legislation in the new member states often causes problems. To reduce deficiencies in this field, the EU commission developed several measures of training and strenghtening for new member states. These measures include the so called Twinning-projects between competent authorities of old and new member states, which have been initiated since 1998. More than 1100 Twinning projects have been performed so far, including about 300 projects in Germany (with emphasis on agriculture).This article shows meaning and contents of Twinning-projects in the field of veterinary and food affairs. Formal procedures, experiences and possibilities of improvement of twinning-projects are described.