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Yeast diversity and species recovery rates from beech forest soils

Yurkov, Andrey M., Wehde, Thorsten, Federici, Julian, Schäfer, Angela M., Ebinghaus, Malte, Lotze-Engelhard, Sascha, Mittelbach, Moritz, Prior, René, Richter, Christian, Röhl, Oliver, Begerow, Dominik
Mycological progress 2016 v.15 no.8 pp. 845-859
Fagus, field experimentation, forest soils, forests, inventories, new genus, new species, space and time, species diversity, yeasts, Germany
Soil yeasts are globally diverse. They are found in almost all soil types, and the structure of soil yeast communities reflects aboveground vegetation properties. Cultivation techniques have often been successfully employed to study yeasts in forest soils. However, few studies have addressed the variation of soil yeast communities in space and time; especially, structural dynamics at a forest site between different seasons is unknown. Here, we analyse the results from our field experiments performed in 2008 and 2009. We reassess species inventory data and identify potential new species. Using improved species lists, we estimate the rate of species recovery from beech forest soils with a particular focus on repeated sampling. Our analyses showed that the number of observed yeast species was steadily increasing after one, two and three samplings. The observed diversity was likely approaching saturation after four samplings. Additionally, we provide formal descriptions of new yeast species isolated from forest soils in Germany during these studies, as 30 % of the observed species represented undescribed taxa. The following taxonomic novelties are proposed: Colacogloea demeterae Yurkov, Schäfer & Begerow sp. nov. (MB 816166), Slooffia velesii Federici, Röhl & Begerow sp. nov. (MB 816165), Hamamotoa cerberi Yurkov, Schäfer & Begerow sp. nov. (MB 816164), Hamamotoa telluris Yurkov, Schäfer & Begerow sp. nov. (MB 816163), Piskurozyma yama Richter, Mittelbach & Begerow, sp. nov. (MB 816162), Piskurozyma tuonelana Lotze-Engelhard, Richter & Begerow sp. nov. (MB 816161), Dioszegia dumuzii Ebinghaus, Prior & Begerow sp. nov. (MB 816160), and Chernovia houtui Federici, Yurkov & Begerow gen. nov. et sp. nov. (MB 816158, MB 816159).