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One-year change in the second metacarpal bone mass associated with menopause nutrition and physical activity

Yasaku, K., Ishikawa-Takata, K., Koitaya, N., Yoshimoto, K., Ohta, T.
The journal of nutrition, health & aging 2009 v.13 no.6 pp. 545-549
Japanese people, X-radiation, bone density, bone resorption, calcium, densitometry, exercise, health status, metacarpus, milk, nutrition assessment, postmenopause, premenopause, women
OBJECTIVES: To clarify the annual changes and effects of nutrition and physical activity on bone mass at the second metacarpal using computed X-ray densitometry. DESIGN: Population-based prospective follow-up study. MEASUREMENTS: Bone mass measurements and assessments of nutritional intake, exercise habits, and health status were conducted twice with a one-year interval. PARTICIPANT: 269 Japanese women aged 40 — to −80 — years old. RESULTS: The annual change rate among subjects who started menopause during the observation period was −4.2±4.9%. Bone mass subsequently continued to decrease 3% annually until 6 years after menopause. Subjects who consumed high levels of milk or calcium in the first year showed no substantial decrease in bone mass among the post-menopausal subjects. Premenopausal subjects who began or continued exercise evidenced increased bone mass, and peri-menopausal subjects who continued exercise or a high level of daily physical activity showed inhibited bone loss. CONCLUSION: Second metacarpal bone changed by menopause, nutrition and physical activity similar with other bone site presented in the previous studies.