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Studies on gastrointestinal parasites of pigs in Shimoga region of Karnataka

Krishna Murthy, C. M., Ananda, K. J., Adeppa, J., Satheesha, M. G.
Journal of parasitic diseases 2016 v.40 no.3 pp. 885-889
breeds, eggs, farms, feces, gastrointestinal system, ova, parasites, parasitoses, rearing, swine, veterinary schools, India
The study was conducted to ascertain the actual status of gastro-intestinal parasites in pigs maintained under different rearing systems in Shimoga region, Karnataka state. A total of 150 Pigs fecal samples were examined, which includes 50 from organized piggery farm, Veterinary College Shimoga, 50 from private piggery farm of Shimoga and 50 from free range desi pigs of Shimoga city. The fecal samples were processed and examined by direct and sedimentation method. Out of 50 fecal samples examined from organized piggery farm, 19 were found positive for different parasitic eggs, Out of 50 fecal samples screened form private farm, 28 harbored different parasites, whereas from 50 free range desi pigs fecal samples examined, all showed one and other parasitic eggs/ova. The percent prevalence of parasitic infection is more in free range desi pigs compared to Yorkshire breeds maintained under stall fed condition.