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Performances and nitrification properties of biological aerated filters with zeolite, ceramic particle and carbonate media

Qiu, Liping, Zhang, Shoubin, Wang, Guangwei, Du, Mao'an
Bioresource technology 2010 v.101 no.19 pp. 7245-7251
ammonia, ammonium nitrogen, biofilters, biological properties and phenomena, buffering capacity, carbonates, chemical oxygen demand, nitrification, pH, zeolites
The performance and nitrification properties of three BAFs, with ceramic, zeolite and carbonate media, respectively, were investigated to evaluate the feasibility of employing these materials as biological aerated filter media. All three BAFs shown a promising COD and SS removal performance, while influent pH was 6.5-8.1, air-liquid ratio was 5:1 and HRT was 1.25-2.5h, respectively. Ammonia removal in BAFs was inhibited when organic and ammonia nitrogen loading were increased, but promoted effectively with the increase pH value. Zeolite and carbonate were more suitable for nitrification than ceramic particle when influent pH below 6.5. It is feasible to employ these media in BAF and adequate bed volume has to be supplied to satisfy the requirement of removal COD, SS and ammonia nitrogen simultaneously in a biofilter. The carbonate with a strong buffer capacity is more suitable to treat the wastewater with variable or lower pH.