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Effects of lignin and surfactant on adsorption and hydrolysis of cellulases on cellulose

Li, Yanfei, Sun, Zongping, Ge, Xiaoyan, Zhang, Junhua
Biotechnology for biofuels 2016 v.9 no.1 pp. 20
additives, adsorption, cellulose, corn stover, desorption, endo-1,4-beta-glucanase, enzymatic hydrolysis, hydrolysis, lignin, lignocellulose, polysorbates, surface area, surfactants
BACKGROUND: Considerable works have been reported concerning the obstruction of enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency by lignin. However, there is a lack of information about the influence of lignin on the adsorption of cellulases on cellulose, along with the hydrolytic activity of the cellulases adsorbed on lignin. In addition, limited discovery has been reported about the influence of additives on cellulase desorption from lignin and lignocellulosic materials. In this work, the effects of lignin on cellulase adsorption and hydrolysis of Avicel were investigated and the effects of Tween 80 on cellulases adsorption and desorption on/from lignin and corn stover were explored. RESULTS: The results showed that the maximum adsorption capacity of Avicel reduced from 276.9 to 179.7 and 112.1 mg/g cellulose with the addition of 1 and 10 mg lignin per gram Avicel, which indicated that lignin adsorbed on Avicel reduced surface area of cellulose and lignin available for cellulases. Cellulases adsorbed on lignin could be released by reaching new adsorption equilibrium between lignin and supernatants. In addition, cellulases desorbed from lignin still possess hydrolytic capacity. Tween 80 could adsorb onto both lignin and corn stover, and reduce the cellulase adsorption on them. Furthermore, Tween 80 could enhance desorption of cellulases from both lignin and corn stover, which might be due to the competitive adsorption between cellulases and Tween 80 on them. CONCLUSIONS: The presence of lignin decreased the maximum adsorption capacity of cellulases on cellulose and the cellulases adsorbed on lignin could be released to supernatant, exhibiting hydrolytic activity. Tween 80 could alleviate the adsorption of cellulases and enhanced desorption of cellulases on/from lignin and corn stover. The conclusions of this work help us further understanding the role of lignin in the reduction of adsorption of cellulases on substrates, and the function of additives in cellulases adsorption and desorption on/from lignin and substrates.