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Physicochemical quality of directly sold raw milk in Hungary

Jancsó, A., Császár, G., Varga, L.
Acta alimentaria 2016 v.45 no.3 pp. 347-353
food industry, food supply chain, freezing, freezing point, lactose, milk, milk quality, raw milk, sales, trade, Hungary
The importance of short food supply chains is increasing in the food sector, and direct selling is a promising alternative to commercial chains in dairy trade. Several channels and practices of direct raw milk sales exist in Hungary. Because short food supply chains in the Hungarian dairy sector have not yet been investigated in detail, we have little or no knowledge on the composition of directly sold raw milk. For this reason, a 9-month study was undertaken from June 2013 through February 2014, wherein directly sold raw bovine milk samples were tested for fat, protein, lactose, and solids-not-fat contents and for freezing point. A total of 21 direct sellers located in Budapest, Hungary were sampled twice a month. The results were compared to the official Hungarian raw milk quality data referring to the same period. The direct milk vendors involved in this study were found to sell raw milk with reduced levels of lactose and solids-not-fat and elevated freezing points, compared to the national raw milk data. The findings of this research underline the need for stricter regulations and control with respect to direct raw milk sales in the country.