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As oil blending affects physical, chemical, and sensory characteristics of flavoured olive oils

Baiano, Antonietta, Previtali, Maria Assunta, Viggiani, Ilaria, Varva, Gabriella, Squeo, Giacomo, Paradiso, Vito Michele, Summo, Carmine, Gomes, Tommaso, Caponio, Francesco
European food research & technology 2016 v.242 no.10 pp. 1693-1708
acetates, acidity, antioxidant activity, basil, cultivars, diacylglycerols, extra-virgin olive oil, flavorings, food research, garlic, hot peppers, oleuropein, p-coumaric acid, peroxide value, polar compounds, sensory evaluation, sensory properties, vanillic acid, volatile compounds
Extra-virgin olive oils used in the production of flavoured oils can derive from a single cultivar or can be a blend of two or more mono-varietal oils. In order to investigate the effects of the characteristics of the oil blends on the quality of the deriving flavoured oils, three mono-cultivar extra-virgin olive oils (Coratina, Peranzana, Ogliarola) were used to produce three blends, which were successively flavoured by infusion. From each blend, three types of flavoured olive oils were produced: basil, chilli pepper, and garlic + chilli pepper. Mono-varietal extra-virgin olive oils, blends, and flavoured oils were submitted for routine analyses and for determination of polar compounds, phenolic profile, antioxidant activity, and volatile profiles. The panel and consumer tests were also carried out on the flavoured oils. Along with the undoubted influence of the flavouring agents, the quality parameters of each blend changed and their changes greatly depend on the starting blend. The parameters mostly affected by oil blend were: acidity, K₂₃₂, peroxide values, diacylglycerols, polar compounds, total phenolics, antioxidant activity, and phenolics such as p-coumaric acid, tyrosol acetate, vanillic acid, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, hydroxytyrosol acetate, dialdehydic form of elenolic acid linked to tyrosol, and ligstroside aglycone, oleuropein aglycone. The effects of oil blending were rather limited on volatile profiles and sensory characteristics.