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Great genetic diversity of rotaviruses detected in piglets with diarrhea in Thailand

Yodmeeklin, Arpaporn, Khamrin, Pattara, Chuchaona, Watchaporn, Saikruang, Wilaiporn, Kongkaew, Aphisek, Vachirachewin, Ratchaya, Kumthip, Kattareeya, Okitsu, Shoko, Ushijima, Hiroshi, Maneekarn, Niwat
Archives of virology 2016 v.161 no.10 pp. 2843-2849
Rotavirus A, diarrhea, feces, genetic variation, genotype, piglets, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, Thailand
A total of 491 fecal specimens collected from diarrheic piglets in Thailand from January 2011 to March 2014 were screened for group A rotavirus by RT-PCR assay. The G and P genotypes of the detected rotaviruses were determined by multiplex PCR or nucleotide sequencing. Group A rotaviruses were detected in 113 out of 491 (23.0 %) fecal specimens. A wide variety of G-P genotype combinations were identified, and G4P[13] was the most prevalent genotype combination (29.2 %), followed by G4P[23] (14.1 %), G5P[23] (11.5 %), G4P[6] (9.7 %), G3P[23] (7.0 %), G5P[13] (6.1 %), G3P[13] (4.4 %), G3P[6] (2.7 %), and G5P[6] (2.7 %). In addition, the other G-P combinations were also detected at a low percentage, including G3P[19], G4P[7], G9P[19], G9P[23], G9P[7], G4P[19], and G11P[13] strains. This study indicated that group A rotaviruses are a common causes of diarrhea in piglets and a great diversity of G and P genotype combinations are circulating in piglets in Thailand.