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Impact of Lipid Components and Emulsifiers on Plant Sterols Bioaccessibility from Milk-Based Fruit Beverages

Alvarez-Sala, Andrea, Garcia-Llatas, Guadalupe, Cilla, Antonio, Barberá, Reyes, Sánchez-Siles, Luis Manuel, Lagarda, María Jesús
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2016 v.64 no.28 pp. 5686-5691
animals, beverages, bioavailability, digestion, emulsifiers, extra-virgin olive oil, gastrointestinal system, milk, milk fat, phytosterols, soybean oil, vegetables, whey protein
Sterol bioaccessibility (BA) of three plant sterol (PS)-enriched milk-based fruit beverages (MFb) with different fat contents (1.1–2.4%), lipid sources (animal or vegetable), and without or with emulsifiers (whey proteins enriched with milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) or soy lecithin) was evaluated after simulated gastrointestinal digestion. The BA of total PS followed the order 31.4% (MFbM containing milk fat and whey proteins enriched with MFGM) = 28.2% (MFbO containing extra virgin olive oil and soy lecithin) > 8.7% (MFb without fat addition). Total and individual PS content in the bioaccessible fractions followed the order MFbM > MFbO > MFb. Consequently, formulation with MFGM is proposed in beverages of this kind to ensure optimum bioavailability of PS. Our results suggest that the BA of PS is influenced by the type and quantity of fat and the emulsifier type involved.