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Genomic architecture of alpha-amylase activity in mature rye grain relative to that of preharvest sprouting

Masojć, Piotr, Wiśniewska, Magdalena, Łań, Anna, Milczarski, Paweł, Berdzik, Marcin, Pędziwiatr, Daniel, Pol-Szyszko, Magdalena, Gałęza, Monika, Owsianicki, Radosław
Journal of applied genetics 2011 v.52 no.2 pp. 153-160
alpha-amylase, chromosome mapping, inbred lines, loci, rye, sprouting
Bi-directional selective genotyping (BSG) carried out on two opposite groups of F9(541 × Ot1-3) recombinant inbred lines (RILs) with extremely low and extremely high alpha-amylase activities in mature (dry) grain of rye, followed by molecular mapping, revealed a complex system of selection-responsive loci. Three classes of loci controlling alpha-amylase activity were discerned, including four major AAD loci on chromosomes 3R (three loci) and 6RL (one locus) responding to both directions of the disruptive selection, 20 AAR loci on chromosomes 2RL (three loci), 3R (three loci), 4RS (two loci), 5RL (three loci), 6R (two loci) and 7R (seven loci) responding to selection for low alpha-amylase activity and 17 AAE loci on chromosomes 1RL (seven loci), 2RS (two loci), 3R (two loci), 5R (two loci) and 6RL (four loci) affected by selection for high alpha-amylase activity. The majority of the discerned AA loci also showed responsiveness to selection for preharvest sprouting (PHS). Two AAD loci on chromosome arm 3RL coincided with PHSD loci. The AAD locus on chromosome arm 3RS was independent from PHS, whereas that on chromosome 6RL belonged to the PHSR class. AAR-PHSR loci were found on chromosomes 4RS (one locus) and 5R (two loci) and AAE-PHSE loci were identified on chromosomes 1RL (one locus) and 5RL (one locus). Some PHSD loci represented the AAE (chromosomes 1RL, 3RS and 3RL) or AAR classes (chromosome 5RL). AAR and AAE loci not related to PHS were found on chromosomes 1RL, 2R, 3RS, 4R, 6RL and 7RL. On the other hand, several PHS loci (1RL, 3RS, 5RL, 6RS and 7RS) had no effect on alpha-amylase activity. Allele originating from the parental line 541 mapped in six AA loci on chromosomes 2R (two loci), 5R (three loci) and 7R (one locus) exerted opposite effects on PHS and alpha-amylase activity. Differences between the AA and PHS systems of loci may explain the weak correlation between these two traits observed among recombinant inbred lines. Strategies for the breeding of sprouting-resistant varieties with low alpha-amylase and high PHS resistance are discussed.