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Intergeneric hybridization between Dendranthema nankingense and Tanacetum vulgare

Tang, Fangping, Wang, Haibin, Chen, Sumei, Chen, Fadi, Liu, Zhaolei, Fang, Weimin
Scientia horticulturae 2011 v.132 pp. 1-6
Chrysanthemum, Tanacetum vulgare, florets, hairs, hybrids, in situ hybridization, intergeneric hybridization, ovules, parents, petioles, plantlets
We report the production of an intergeneric hybrid between Dendranthema nankingense and Tanacetum vulgare via ovule rescue. Out of 420 cultured ovules, four gave rise to a total of 27 plantlets. A genomic in situ hybridization analysis confirmed that regenerated plantlets were all genuine hybrids. The leaf length, petiole length, number of tubular florets and epidermal hair density of the hybrids were all intermediate between those of the two parents. However, both the leaf width and epidermal hair length of the hybrids were less than those of the parents. The number of ligulate florets is significantly greater than those of the parents. Flower diameter and epidermal hair height is similar to that of paternal parent. GISH was able to distinguish the parental genomes in the hybrids, suggested the two genera is taxonomically distant from each other.