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Fractionation, preliminary structural characterization and bioactivities of polysaccharides from Sargassum pallidum

Li, Chao, Li, Xiangshi, You, Lijun, Fu, Xiong, Liu, Rui Hai
Carbohydrate polymers 2017 v.155 pp. 261-270
Sargassum, alpha-amylase, alpha-glucosidase, alternative medicine, antioxidants, arabinose, bioactive properties, complementary foods, fractionation, fucose, functional foods, galactose, glucose, glycosidic linkages, mannose, molecular weight, polysaccharides, rhamnose, xylose
Sargassum pallidum polysaccharides were fractioned using a DEAE-Sepharose fast-flow column and four polysaccharide fractions (SP-P1, SP-P2, PV-P3 and SP-P4) were obtained. Structural analyses indicated that SP-P2 and SP-P4 had higher molecular weights than SP-P1 and SP-P3. SP-P2, SP-P3 and SP-P4 comprised of fucose, rhamnose, arabinose, galactose, glucose, xylose, and mannose in a similar molar ratio, while SP-P1 did not contain arabinose. SP-P2 and SP-P4 had a similar number of (1→6) or (1→) glycosidic linkages (1→2) or (1→4) glycosidic linkages and (1→3) glycosidic linkages, while SP-P1 and SP-P3 contained a small number of (1→3) glycosidic linkages. SP-P2 exhibited better bioactivities than SP-P1, SP-P3 and SP-P4, including antioxidant, anti-hemolysis inhibitory, α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory and antiproliferative activities. These data suggest that S. pallidum has four polysaccharide fractions with different structural features and bioactivities and SP-P2 has potential to be explored as a functional food or complementary medicine.