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Changes in properties of starch isolated from whole rice grains with brown, black, and red pericarp after storage at different temperatures

Ziegler, Valmor, Ferreira, Cristiano Dietrich, Goebel, Jorge Tiago Schwanz, El Halal, Shanise Lisie Mello, Santetti, Gabriela Soster, Gutkoski, Luiz Carlos, Zavareze, Elessandra da Rosa, Elias, Moacir Cardoso
Food chemistry 2017 v.216 pp. 194-200
color, crystal structure, deformation, enthalpy, granules, pasting properties, pericarp, rice, solubility, starch, storage temperature, storage time, stored grain, swelling (materials), viscosity
The aim of this study was to evaluate the physicochemical, morphological, crystallinity, thermal, and pasting properties of starches isolated from rice grains with brown, black, and red pericarp. Starch was isolated from the rice grains at initial storage time, and after 6months of storage at different storage temperatures (16, 24, 32 and 40°C). Starch isolated from the grains stored for 6months at 40°C showed darker coloration, surface deformation of granules, and a significant reduction in the extraction yield, final viscosity, enthalpy, and crystallinity, independent of the grain pericarp coloration. The time and storage temperature not influence the swelling power and solubility of starch isolated from grains with brown pericarp, while for the grains with black and red pericarp there was reduction in swelling power and solubility of starches isolated of grains stored at 40°C. Grains stored at 16°C showed minimum changes in starch properties.