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Lactarius deliciosus Fr. soil extraradical mycelium correlates with stand fruitbody productivity and is increased by forest thinning

Liu, B., Bonet, J.A., Fischer, C.R., Martínez de Aragón, J., Bassie, L., Colinas, C.
Forest ecology and management 2016 v.380 pp. 196-201
Lactarius deliciosus, autumn, crops, forest stands, forest thinning, forests, fruiting bodies, models, mushrooms, mycelium, nontimber forest products, soil, Spain
Lactarius deliciosus is a widely marketed non-wood forest product in Spain but little is known about silvicultural treatments that would enhance the production of this valued mushroom in the forests. Estimating a fungal crop by collecting sporocarps is expensive. Therefore we tested quantifying soil extraradical mycelium as a more efficient alternative to the inventory of sporocarps in undisturbed forest stands and immediately following a forest thinning.L. deliciosus soil mycelium was highly correlated with fruit body production in our study area for the year the soil was sampled and also on the following year, providing us with a promising tool to both model and forecast mushroom crops. Heavier thinning intensities increased the quantities of soil mycelium and sporocarp production in the autumn after it was applied.