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Microalgae pretreatment with liquid hot water to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency

Yuan, Tao, Li, Xiekun, Xiao, Shiyuan, Guo, Ying, Zhou, Weizheng, Xu, Jingliang, Yuan, Zhenhong
Bioresource technology 2016 v.220 pp. 530-536
Scenedesmus, enzymatic hydrolysis, ethanol production, glucose, microalgae, raw materials, response surface methodology, scanning electron microscopy, temperature
Nowadays, microalgae are being considered as promising raw material for bioethanol production. In this work, three process variables during liquid hot water (LHW) pretreatment prior to enzymatic hydrolysis by response surface methodology on Scenedesmus sp. WZKMT were investigated to enhance glucose recovery. Results indicated that the order of significance for three parameters was temperature>solid-to-liquid ratio>time. The optimal condition was 1:13 (w/v), 147°C and 40min. The concentration and recovery of glucose under this condition were 14.223g·L−1 and 89.32%, respectively, which were up to 5-fold higher than the samples without LHW pretreatment. In addition, the surface morphologies of microalgae cells before and after LHW pretreatment were also verified using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). LHW pretreatment can greatly enhance the enzymatic efficiency, and can be regarded as an ideal pretreatment method for glucose recovery from microalgae.