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Comparative Study of the Major White Matter Tracts Anatomy in Equine, Feline and Canine Brains by Use of the Fibre Dissection Technique

Pascalau, R., Aldea, C. C., Padurean, V. A., Szabo, B.
Anatomia, histologia, embryologia 2016 v.45 no.5 pp. 373-385
brain, cats, dogs, horses, neurophysiology
The spatial anatomy of the white matter tracts is a subject of growing interest not only for researchers but also for clinicians. Imagistic methods have some limitations so that they should be confronted with dissection studies. The aim of this paper was to provide a three‐dimensional view of the major white matter tracts in equine, feline and canine brains by use of the fibre dissection technique. Twenty cerebral hemispheres (six equine, four feline and 10 canine brains) were prepared according to the Klingler method. Stepwise mediolateral and lateromedial blunt dissections were performed using wooden sticks and spatulas. The lateromedial dissection was followed by the opening of the lateral ventricle. The use of the same multi‐stage procedures resulted in a comparable exposure of the major association, projection and commissural fibres and their spatial relation with the lateral ventricle. To conclude, the proposed techniques are reproducible in equine, feline and canine brains and they can be successfully used for teaching, training or research in the field of neurobiology.