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Fuzzy Analysis of Sensory Data for Quality Evaluation and Ranking of Instant Green Tea Powder and Granules

Sinija, V. R., Mishra, H. N.
Food and bioprocess technology 2011 v.4 no.3 pp. 408-416
Camellia sinensis, brewing, color, flavor, fuzzy logic, granules, green tea, leaves, markets, powders, sensory evaluation, taste, tea (beverage)
Two brands of green tea samples available in the market were used for the sensory evaluation along with the instant tea powder and green tea granules prepared from fresh tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). The main objective of this study was to evaluate the sensory scores of different tea samples using fuzzy logic and grade the samples as per their sensory qualities. Brew was prepared as per the standard procedure, and sensory evaluation was carried out by a trained panel of 16 judges. Fuzzy logic was used for ranking the samples and also to find out the preference of quality attributes of green tea drink in general. Green tea granules obtained from pressed leaf residue was ranked first followed by instant tea drink. Both the market samples were rated low in quality compared to the prepared tea samples. It was also concluded that in general, taste and flavor of green tea drink is considered to be the highly important quality attributes. The color and strength were reported under the category important. The strength and weakness of individual samples were also determined.