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Genotypic variability and genotype by environment interactions for inulin content of Jerusalem artichoke germplasm

Puttha, Ratchanee, Jogloy, Sanun, Wangsomnuk, Preeya P., Srijaranai, Supalax, Kesmala, Thawan, Patanothai, Aran
Euphytica 2012 v.183 no.1 pp. 119-131
germplasm, genotype-environment interaction, genotype, harvest index, genetic variation, inulin, biomass, Jerusalem artichokes
Genetic variations in germplasm and genotype × environment interaction (G × E) are important for crop improvement. The objectives were to explore genetic variation in Jerusalem artichoke germplasm and to evaluate G × E interaction for inulin content. Seventy-nine accessions of Jerusalem artichoke were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with two replications for three seasons. Significant variation in inulin content (55.3–74.0% dry weight) was observed and the genotypes with high inulin content could be identified although there was intermediate G × E interaction. Genotypes were also significantly different for days to maturity, fresh tuber yield, biomass and harvest index and G × E interactions for these traits were also significant. The correlation between inulin content and days to maturity was not significant (r = −0.20), whereas inulin content and fresh tuber yield were significantly associated (r = 0.22). JA 37 and CN 52867 are promising for high yield and inulin content.