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Fabrication of Large-Scale Microlens Arrays Based on Screen Printing for Integral Imaging 3D Display

Zhou, Xiongtu, Peng, Yuyan, Peng, Rong, Zeng, Xiangyao, Zhang, Yong-ai, Guo, Tailiang
ACS applied materials 2016 v.8 no.36 pp. 24248-24255
color, image analysis, polymers
The low-cost large-scale fabrication of microlens arrays (MLAs) with precise alignment, great uniformity of focusing, and good converging performance are of great importance for integral imaging 3D display. In this work, a simple and effective method for large-scale polymer microlens arrays using screen printing has been successfully presented. The results show that the MLAs possess high-quality surface morphology and excellent optical performances. Furthermore, the microlens’ shape and size, i.e., the diameter, the height, and the distance between two adjacent microlenses of the MLAs can be easily controlled by modifying the reflowing time and the size of open apertures of the screen. MLAs with the neighboring microlenses almost tangent can be achieved under suitable size of open apertures of the screen and reflowing time, which can remarkably reduce the color moiré patterns caused by the stray light between the blank areas of the MLAs in the integral imaging 3D display system, exhibiting much better reconstruction performance.