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Adsorption Properties of Modified Soda Lime for Carbon Dioxide Removal within the Closed Environment of a Coal Mine Refuge Chamber

Gai, Wen-mei, Deng, Yun-feng, Du, Yan
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2016 v.55 no.40 pp. 10794-10802
additives, adsorption, aluminum oxide, carbon dioxide, coal, disasters, dust, energy use and consumption, engineering, humidity, reaction mechanisms, sodium hydroxide, temperature
In coal mine safety, providing and maintaining a safe closed environment and reducing the casualties of coal mine disasters are a long-term challenges. A novel and modified soda lime with higher adsorption rate and capacity was developed through analyzing the reaction mechanism and adsorption factors. The best combinations of soda lime with different mass fraction is additives 6%, H₂O 12%, and NAOH 6%, while the best working modes is 25 W fan power, 8 cm thickness, and S-5 soda lime according to the multi-index orthogonal experiment. The order of influence for CO₂ adsorption rate of different compositions (mass fraction) is NaOH > H₂O > Al₂O₃, and the order of influence in different working modes is fan power > thickness > the type of soda lime. Through the optimization design, the novel soda lime is easy to form without binding together in the process of adsorption for CO₂ and the dust outflow reduced by about 50%. The adsorption rate still remain at a high level in a high temperature and high humidity environment (humidity 70% and temperature 30 °C). It was demonstrated that the adsorption capacity increased by 28%, the adsorption rate increased by 32.2%, and the power consumption reduced by 33.3%.