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Interaction of clarithromycin with cyclosporine in cats: pharmacokinetic study and case report

Katayama, Masaaki, Nishijima, Noriko, Okamura, Yasuhiko, Katayama, Rieko, Yamashita, Testuro, Kamishina, Hiroaki, Uzuka, Yuji
bioavailability, case studies, cats, clarithromycin, cyclosporine, humans, kidney transplant, patients, pharmacokinetics
Clarithromycin (CLM) has been known to increase the cyclosporine (CsA) trough levels in human transplant patients. However, the interaction of CLM with CsA has not been reported in cats. In this study, the effects of oral dosing of CLM on the pharmacokinetics and dosing of CsA in cats were investigated. Co-administration of CLM with CsA resulted in significant increases of oral bioavailability of CsA. In addition, CLM reduced the CsA dosage required to maintain the therapeutic CsA trough levels to almost 35% of the initial CsA therapy and the dose frequency was successfully replaced from a twice a day schedule to once a day in a feline kidney transplant patient. The addition of CLM to the regular CsA-based immunosuppression could be used as an effective alternative to classical ketoconazole treatment in feline kidney transplant patients and may result in substantial cost saving and convenience for the cat owners.