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Cloning, expression, and characterization of miR058 and its target PPO during the development of grapevine berry stone

Ren, Guohui, Wang, Baoju, Zhu, Xudong, Mu, Qian, Wang, Chen, Tao, Ran, Fang, Jinggui
Gene 2014 v.548 pp. 166-173
Vitis, bioinformatics, cultivars, enzymes, genes, lignin, oxidation, polyphenols, pulp, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, quinones, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, seeds
Polyphenol oxidases catalyzing the oxygen-dependent oxidation of phenols to quinones are ubiquitous among angiosperms. They are key enzymes playing a significant role during the synthesis of lignin. The inhibition of the synthesis of lignin in grapevine can cause seedless grapevine berry development. In this study, grapevine PPO (Vv-PPO) was predicted as the target gene of Vv-miR058 by bioinformatics analysis, and it was further cloned and its homologous conservation in various plants was analyzed. The expression profiles of miR058 and its target Vv-PPO were detected by qRT-PCR in peel, pulp and seeds of three grapevine cultivars and Vv-PPO was expressed in an opposite variation way with Vv-miR058 where both of them could be detected, suggesting that Vv-miR058 can play an important role by regulating the expression of Vv-PPO. In addition, the potential target gene Vv-PPO for Vv-miR058 was verified by RLM-RACE. This result would be helpful in theoretical basis for further research and seedless grapevine berry production.