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Genomic characterisation of two virulent Newcastle disease viruses isolated from crested ibis (Nipponia nippon) in China

Hao, Huafang, Chen, Shengli, Wu, Pengpeng, Wang, Jie, Duan, Xuji, Du, Enqi, Wang, Xinglong, Yang, Zengqi
Gene 2014 v.553 pp. 84-89
chickens, Newcastle disease, phylogeny, Avian orthoavulavirus 1, Nipponia nippon, genes, genomics, genotype, nucleotide sequences, viruses, waterfowl, virulence, China
This paper describes the complete genomic sequences of two virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV) isolates, Shaanxi06 (prevalent genotype VIId) and Shaanxi10 (novel sub-genotype VIi), from sick crested ibises. The genomes of both isolates were 15,192nt long and consisted of six genes in the order of 3′-NP-P-M-F-HN-L-5′. The genomes of the two isolates were highly similar to other reference NDV strains. However, some unique features were found in the HN protein of Shaanxi06 and the F gene end of Shaanxi10. Shaanxi06 and Shaanxi10 shared the same virulent motif 112−R-R-Q-K-R-F−117 at the F protein cleavage site, which coincided with previous pathogenicity test results. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that both isolates were clustered within class II NDV, with Shaanxi06 in genotype VII and Shaanxi10 in genotype VI. Both isolates shared high homology with the prevalent genotype NDV strains that circulate in fowls and waterfowls. This study is the first to provide genomic information about a novel sub-genotype VIi NDV strain and another genotype VIId virus, which will be useful for subsequent investigations.