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A contemporary Colombian skeletal reference collection: A resource for the development of population specific standards

Sanabria-Medina, Cesar, González-Colmenares, Gretel, Restrepo, Hadaluz Osorio, Rodríguez, Juan Manuel Guerrero
Forensic science international 2016 v.266 pp. 577.e1
ancestry, death, forensic sciences, humans, skeletal development
Several authors who have discussed human variability and its impact on the forensic identification of bodies pose the need for regional studies documenting the global variation of the attributes analyzed osteological characteristics that aid in establishing biological profile (sex, ancestry, biological age and height). This is primarily accomplished by studying documented human skeletal collections in order to investigate secular trends in skeletal development and aging, among others in the Colombian population. The purpose of this paper is to disclose the details of the new “Contemporary Colombian Skeletal Reference Collection” that currently comprises 600 identified skeletons of both sexes, who died between 2005 and 2008; and which contain information about their cause of death. This collection has infinite potential for research, open to the national and international community, and still has pending opportunities to address a variety of topics such as studies on osteopathology, bone trauma and taphonomic studies.