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Evidence of a role for prolactin as regulators of ovarian follicular development in goose

Ma, Rong, Jiang, Dongmei, Chen, Ziyu, Kang, Bo
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 2015 v.18 pp. 389-392
Anser cygnoides, biotechnology, follicular development, geese, gene expression, messenger RNA, prolactin, prolactin receptors, reproduction
Prolactin (PRL) regulates development and reproduction, and its effects are mediated by the prolactin receptor (PRLR). In order to clarify the role of PRLR and PRL in the process of follicular development in the goose ovary, the level of PRLR mRNA expression in the ovary and follicles of the Sichuan white goose was determined, as well as the PRL concentration in ovarian follicles.The level of PRLR mRNA in the hierarchical follicles (HFs) initially increased, and subsequently decreased, whereas PRLR expression was initially low and later increased in postovulatory follicles (POFs). The level of PRLR mRNA expression was the highest in the F4 follicles, and lowest in the F1 follicles in all of the examined follicles. Compared with the level of PRLR mRNA expression in the small white follicles (SWFs), the level of PRLR mRNA was 2.86- and 1.44-fold higher in the F4 and small yellow follicles (SYFs), respectively (P<0.05). The level of PRLR mRNA expression in the F4 follicles was highest (P<0.05) in HFs. The highest PRL concentration in all of the examined samples was observed in SYFs and F1, with concentration of 6162mLU/g and 6197mLU/g, respectively. The PRL concentration in SYFs was significantly higher compared with SWFs (P<0.05).The change of PRL concentration was similar to the PRLR mRNA expression level in preovulatory follicles. These results suggest that the PRL mediated by the PRLR plays a stimulatory role in the SWF to SYF transition.