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AFLP marking of the genotypes of leek (Allium porrum) varieties

Filjushin, M. A., Kholda, O. A., Kochieva, E. Z., Ryzhova, N. N.
Russian journal of genetics 2011 v.47 no.4 pp. 492-496
Allium porrum, DNA, amplified fragment length polymorphism, enzymes, genetic variation, genome, genotype, leeks
The results of the AFLP analysis of 16 leek (Allium porrum) accessions and related species of the sections of the genus Allium are presented. Restriction enzymes and primer combinations for the identification of the genotypes of the A. porrum accessions were chosen. As a result, 265 polymorphic AFLP fragments were amplified for 25 analyzed genotypes, and specific spectra of DNA fragments were obtained for each accession. A total of 24 fragments specific for the A. porrum genome was detected, of which only two characterized the genotypes of individual accessions. A wide range of genetic diversity (0.11–0.32) was revealed for the A. porrum varieties and lines used in the analysis. The highest level of similarity in the analyzed set of accessions was found between A. porrum and sand leek (A. scorodoprasum).