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Visual multiple recognition of protein biomarkers based on an array of aptamer modified gold nanoparticles in biocomputing to strip biosensor logic operations

Qin, Chunyan, Gao, Ya, Wen, Wei, Zhang, Xiuhua, Wang, Shengfu
Biosensors & bioelectronics 2016 v.79 pp. 522-530
biomarkers, biosensors, blood serum, detection limit, humans, nanogold, oligonucleotides, receptors, storage, storage quality
We developed a strip biosensors array based on aptamer-modified gold nanoparticles as receptors and combined the protein-aptamer binding reaction with the streptavidin-biotin interaction as well as the sandwich format. We found that a series of protein receptors obtained a distinct response pattern to each target protein. Three proteins have been well distinguished with the naked eyes and a portable reader without mutual interference, accompanying with lower limit of detection and wider linear range. A complete set of four elementary logic gates (AND, OR, INH, and NAND) and eight combinative logic gates (AND–OR; AND–INH; OR–INH; INH–NAND; AND–OR–INH; AND–INH–NAND; OR–INH–NAND; AND–OR–INH–NAND) are thoroughly realized using this array, which could eventually be applicable to the keypad-lock system with enhanced complexity in the near future. Moreover, this array shows excellent linear relationships, anti-interference capability, real human serum samples applicability, long-term storage stability and reproducibility. All indicate that this design has very good prospects for development.