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Magnetic fields as triggers of microalga growth: evaluation of its effect on Spirulina sp.

Deamici, Kricelle Mosquera, Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira, Santos, Lucielen Oliveira
Bioresource technology 2016 v.220 pp. 62-67
Spirulina, biomass, bioreactors, electric current, ferrimagnetic materials, magnetic fields, microalgae
This study aimed at evaluating the influence of magnetic field on the growth and biomass composition of Spirulina sp., cultivated in vertical tubular photobioreactors. Magnetic fields of 5, 30 and 60mT generated by electric current and ferrite magnets were applied at different lengths of time. The magnetic field of 30 and 60mT for 1hd−1 stimulated the growth, thus leading to higher biomass concentration by comparison with the control culture. Increase in productivity, protein and carbohydrate contents were 105.1% (60mT for 1hd−1), 16.6% (60mT for 24hd−1) and 133.2% (30mT for 24hd−1), respectively. These values were higher than the ones of the control. Results showed that magnetic field may influence the growth of Spirulina sp., since it triggers a stimulating effect and can leads to twofold biomass concentration in equal cultivation time periods.