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CattleTickBase: An integrated Internet-based bioinformatics resource for Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus

Bellgard, Matthew I., Moolhuijzen, Paula M., Guerrero, Felix D., Schibeci, David, Rodriguez-Valle, Manuel, Peterson, Daniel G., Dowd, Scot E., Barrero, Roberto, Hunter, Adam, Miller, Robert J., Lew-Tabor, Ala E.
International journal for parasitology 2012 v.42 no.2 pp. 161
Boophilus annulatus, Boophilus microplus, DNA, Rhipicephalus, bioinformatics, gene expression, genome
The Rhipicephalus microplus genome is large and complex in structure, making it difficult to assemble a genome sequence and costly to resource the required bioinformatics. In light of this, a consortium of international collaborators was formed to pool resources to begin sequencing this genome. We have acquired and assembled genomic DNA into contigs that represent over 1.8 Gigabase pairs of DNA from gene-enriched regions of the R. microplus genome. We also have several datasets containing transcript sequences from a number of gene expression experiments conducted by the consortium. A web-based resource was developed to enable the scientific community to access our datasets and conduct analysis through a web-based bioinformatics environment called YABI. The collective bioinformatics resource is termed CattleTickBase. Our consortium has acquired genomic and transcriptomic sequence data at approximately 0.9X coverage of the gene-coding regions of the R. microplus genome. The YABI tool will facilitate access and manipulation of cattle tick genome sequence data as the genome sequencing of R. microplus proceeds. During this process the CattleTickBase resource will continue to be updated.