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Analysis and determination of oestrogen-active compounds in fructus amomi by the combination of high-speed counter-current chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography

Ying, Hao, Liu, Jinpeng, Du, Qizhen
Journal of Chromatography B 2014 v.958 pp. 36-42
Amomum, bioactive compounds, bioactive properties, chemical structure, countercurrent chromatography, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, seeds
Amomum longiligulare or Amomum villosum showed oestrogenic activity. In the present study, oestrogen-active components in fructus amomi, the seeds of A. longiligulare were separated by high-speed countercurrent chromatography (HSCCC) using stepwise elution of eight mobile phases with gradient polarity and advanced separation by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The results yielded 17 compounds with the amount of 8–138mg and a purity of 94.3–99.8% from a 3g ethanolic extract of fructus amomi. The chemical structures of the compounds were identified by ESI-MS and NMR spectra, in which eight diarylheptanoids were demonstrated as the main oestrogen-active compounds in the fructus amomi. Determination of the diarylheptanoids in fructus amomi from various origins showed that fructus amomi contains more than 0.5% total diarylheptanoids. The results showed that fructus amomi is a diarylheptanoids-rich food resource possessing oestrogen-activity. The combination method of HSCCC and HPLC can be applied for the analysis of bioactive compounds by detecting the corresponding bioactivity in the HSCCC fractions and separating the target compounds with HPLC.