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De novo transcriptome assembly of a sour cherry cultivar, Schattenmorelle

Jo, Yeonhwa, Chu, Hyosub, Cho, Jin Kyong, Choi, Hoseong, Lian, Sen, Cho, Won Kyong
Genomics Data 2015 v.6 pp. 271-272
Prunus cerasus, cultivars, databases, fruit trees, gardens, genes, genetic markers, high-throughput nucleotide sequencing, proteins, stone fruits, transcriptome, transcriptomics, Europe, North America
Sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) in the genus Prunus in the family Rosaceae is one of the most popular stone fruit trees worldwide. Of known sour cherry cultivars, the Schattenmorelle is a famous old sour cherry with a high amount of fruit production. The Schattenmorelle was selected before 1650 and described in the 1800s. This cultivar was named after gardens of the Chateau de Moreille in which the cultivar was initially found. In order to identify new genes and to develop genetic markers for sour cherry, we performed a transcriptome analysis of a sour cherry. We selected the cultivar Schattenmorelle, which is among commercially important cultivars in Europe and North America. We obtained 2.05GB raw data from the Schattenmorelle (NCBI accession number: SRX1187170). De novo transcriptome assembly using Trinity identified 61,053 transcripts in which N50 was 611bp. Next, we identified 25,585 protein coding sequences using TransDecoder. The identified proteins were blasted against NCBI's non-redundant database for annotation. Based on blast search, we taxonomically classified the obtained sequences. As a result, we provide the transcriptome of sour cherry cultivar Schattenmorelle using next generation sequencing.