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Dissolved Copper, Nickel and Lead in Tampamachoco Lagoon and Tuxpan River Estuary in the SW Gulf of Mexico

Garduño Ruiz, E. P., Rosales Hoz, L., Carranza Edwards, A.
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 2016 v.97 no.4 pp. 490-496
coastal water, copper, estuaries, lead, nickel, power plants, rivers, salinity, seawater, water pollution, Gulf of Mexico
In order to estimate the effects of a thermal power plant, physicochemical parameters and the concentrations of copper, nickel and lead were evaluated in water from both Tampamachoco Lagoon and the estuary of the Tuxpan River. Average salinities were 33.66 ups in the lagoon area, 32.77 ups in the channel that joins the lagoon and the river, and 24.74 ups in the river estuary. Total average metal concentrations were 21.95 for Cu, 29.67 for Ni and 4.31 µ/L for Pb. Sampling point 1 and samples from the bottom water of the lagoon present the highest salinities and concentrations of suspended matter, TOC, Cu, Ni and Pb.These high values may be associated with the infiltration of sea water either from plant operation or from the channel that connects the lagoon with the sea.