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Intramuscular injection of mechano growth factor E domain peptide regulated expression of memory-related sod, miR-134 and miR-125b-3p in rat hippocampus under simulated weightlessness

Chen, Hailong, Lv, Ke, Dai, Zhongquan, Ji, Guohua, Wang, Tingmei, Wang, Yanli, Zhang, Yongliang, Kan, Guanghan, Li, Yinghui, Qu, Lina
Biotechnology letters 2016 v.38 no.12 pp. 2071-2080
antioxidants, blood-brain barrier, genes, hippocampus, intramuscular injection, messenger RNA, microRNA, nerve tissue, rats, tail, zero gravity
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the expression of memory-related antioxidant genes and miRNAs under simulated weightlessness and the regulation of mechano growth factor (MGF) E domain, the peptide preventing nerve damage. RESULTS: Igf-iea and mgf mRNA levels, expression of antioxidant genes sod1 and sod2 and levels of miR-134 and miR-125b-3p increased in rat hippocampus after 14 days tail suspension to simulate weightlessness which was inhibited with intramuscular injection of E domain peptide. Therefore, administration of MGF E domain peptide could reverse increased expressions of memory-related igf-iea, mgf, sod1, sod2, miR-134 and miR-125b-3p in rat hippocampus under simulated weightlessness. CONCLUSIONS: MGF may regulate the redox state and miRNA-targeted NR-CREB signaling, and intramuscular injection may be the alternative administration because of its safety, convenience and ability to pass through the blood brain barrier.