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Time dependence of the orthotropic compression Young’s moduli and Poisson’s ratios of Chinese fir wood

Jiang, Jiali, Erik Valentine, Bachtiar, Lu, Jianxiong, Niemz, Peter
Holzforschung 2016 v.70 no.11 pp. 1093-1101
Cunninghamia lanceolata, asymmetry, compliance, digital images, mechanical properties, modulus of elasticity, viscoelasticity, wood
The time dependency of the orthotropic compliance for Chinese fir wood [Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook] has been investigated by performing compressive creep experiments in all orthotropic directions. Time evolution of the creep strain in the axial and lateral directions was recorded by means of the digital image correlation (DIC) technique, to determine the diagonal and nondiagonal elements of the viscoelastic compliance matrix. The results reveal the significant influence of time on the mechanical behavior. The orthotropic nature of the viscoelastic compliance is highlighted by the different time dependency of the Young’s moduli and the Poisson’s ratios obtained for the individual directions. Differences among the time-dependent stress-strain relationship determined at the 25, 50, and 75% stress levels indicate that the viscoelastic behavior of wood is also load-dependent. A Poisson’s ratio values, which are increasing with time in νLR, νLT, νRT, νTR, and decreasing in νRL and νTL, demonstrate that the creep strain is influenced by loading directions. The substantially different time dependency of the nondiagonal elements of the compliance matrix further reveals the orthotropic compliance asymmetry and emphasizes the complexity of the viscoelastic character of wood.