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A novel bocavirus from domestic mink, China

Yang, Shixing, Wang, Yan, Li, Wang, Fan, Zhaobin, Jiang, Lili, Lin, Yuan, Fu, Xingli, Shen, Quan, Sun, Zixuan, Wang, Xiaochun, Deng, Xutao, Zhang, Wen, Delwart, Eric
Virus genes 2016 v.52 no.6 pp. 887-890
Bocavirus, amino acid sequences, animal health, carnivores, diarrhea, feces, genome, mink, phylogeny, polymerase chain reaction, viral shedding, viruses, China
Bocaviruses have been found in the feces of humans and a variety of animals, including pigs, cattle, dogs, gorillas, cats, and sea lions. Here, we have characterized the almost complete genome (5224 nt) of a novel bocavirus from feces of domestic minks, which has been provisionally named mink bocavirus. The NS1 protein of mink bocavirus shared 36.9–52 % amino acid sequence identities with those of other known bocaviruses and phylogenetically clustered with bocaviruses from other carnivores. According to the genetic distance-based criteria, mink bocavirus qualifies as a novel species of bocavirus. PCR of feces from a group of domestic minks, which included both healthy animals and animals suffering from diarrhea, revealed that 30 % (9/30) shed virus. However, no association between viral shedding and the presence of diarrhea could be determined.